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Lou Gary Hughes Jr. is the successful product of a single mom. He has 20 plus years in Corporate America traveling around the United States and abroad with a focus on giving back to the community. He has owned several businesses most of which has revolved around real estate. He currently invests in Real Estate and owns a Real Estate Investment Management Company. He is an eight-year Veteran of the Armed Forces. His service to his community coupled with influences from his grandmother from an early age, forged disciplinary skills that motivated him to create disciplines of Honesty, Integrity, and Character. He has served on several boards, created 4 non-profits, and is the creator and Author of the "WHY Experience".

Today, Mr. Hughes is focused on investing in the future of others. Creating people assets opposed to liabilities. He believes his personal mission and vision is in line with his outreach vision to create a forum helping millions reach their dreams to "Live Their Best Life Ever". His personal mission statement:

To be the best spiritually minded father and husband while "Investing in the Future" of others daily to bring others to the Kingdom of God -  by providing a blueprint "TO CHANGE" while focusing on philanthropy. 


Contact Lou Gary Hughes Jr. at


@lougaryhughesjr on Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

@whyleadership  - Facebook Page

[email protected]

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