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Literally Pray for almost everything and everyone in this simple 5 day prayer. This simple format allows you to pray for almost every thing and every situation. Through the day, as things come up, you can make a simple note on paper, iPhone Notes, Samsung Notes, or any paper or electronic way you would normally keep notes,  and just add it to the right day and this will act as a reminder to pray on that particular day for that particular situation. It truly strengthens your prayer life. I have seen the impact on my kids and their prayer life. Both of them have been praying in this capacity 5 days a week since they were in the 1st Grade. My son has memorized all 5 days and prays for people and things that the average person would never think to pray for. So, I decided to share this information for FREE. I hope this blesses someone to provide direction and enjoy the power of prayer.

Weekly Prayer Guide

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