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2020 MSG and AMP Note Pages

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Weekly Prayer Guide Note Pages

Literally Pray for almost everything and everyone in this simple 5 day prayer. This simple format allows you to pray for almost every thing and every situation. 

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27 But no one can go .......

Mark 3:27 (AMP)

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2020 MSG and AMP Slide Only

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Weekly Prayer Guide Slides Only

Through the day, as things come up, you can make a simple note on paper, iPhone Notes, Samsung Notes, or any paper or electronic way you would normally keep notes,  and just add it to the right day and this will act as a reminder to pray on that particular day for that particular situation. It truly strengthens your prayer life. 

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90 Your truth never goes out of fashion

Psalm 119:90  (MSG)

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"What U Do Manners" 

Manners for Gen Z and Millenials

I dedicate this book to my grandmother Emma Jean Stewart. I know she would want this information shared with adults as well as kids everywhere. 
She was instrumental in teaching me, as well as the entire neighborhood, good manners and ethics to be a good person in your community. She valued people she wanted people to value and respect others. Although I miss her dearly, I have imparted the wisdom and values she put in me, into my kids, and the kids and adults I encounter.


Emma Jean Stewart - BET Cover

Thanks Granny-bone

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