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(H.O.P.E.) Hold On, Pain Ends!

Sometimes we find ourselves thinking about people, places, or things that keep us in bondage. What we fail to realize is that we have total power on how we respond - which gives us total power on how we behavior.

I would like to say that you will never have problems in life, but we know that is simply not true. How we handle situations directly affects our results.

Take an example of something that is happening right now in your life whether it is personal or professional and follow these steps. I will provide an example of personal situation, but the professional ones pretty much work the same. The five responses are below:

Ask yourself – Do they control my mood or do I control my mood? Am I going to allow them to continue to control the temperature of my life? What can I do/ say to make sure I control my mood?

Ask yourself - as a mature adult, what would I say to me? How would I tell me to respond? What is the mature way to respond to immature people? The fact of the matter is Grown folks ACT like adults and respond accordingly.

What would God say? He has given you a purpose and a mission for your life. Can you really fulfill it in bondage by another person? What can you do to focus on your mission and get out of bondage do fulfill your purpose?

Since we can't control the way other people act, what can I do to be Militant and Protective to keep our joy or reverse or counteract negative behavior, physical abuse, or negative comments? Sometimes we have to protect ourselves from negative people.

How can I manage moving forward and focusing on managing my productivity? In other words, what one or two things can I do to make sure I am focused on getting on with my life's purpose.


Personal Situation Example – Feeling trapped in mental or physically abusive relationship? So, the situation is mental or abusive relationship with a spouse or significant other.

Mental – say the opposite of what they say in affirmation form. Physical – LEAVE immediately and say the opposite of what they say in affirmation form. You control your mood elevator.

Mental – don't get into an argument when you know you are not what they say you are - no need to comment. Physical – don't hit back, call the police AFTER you leave.Grown folks act like grown folks

Mental/Physical – if you know your purpose keep studying your craft outside of that environment with people who love and care about you. If you don't know, read and self develop yourself outside that environment. God has given you a gift to use so use it.

Mental/Physical – surround yourself with people who are hunting with you in the jungle toward your purpose. Kick the people out who see you as the prey. Protect yourself from negative people.

Mental/ Physical – if I focus DAILY on the things that I want to do and accomplish my goals and aspirations, it is impossible to be non-productive and become distracted. This will force me to move forward.

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