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Follow Your Instincts

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Don't Be afraid!

Once you enter the jungle of your new endeavor some people will be jealous while others will feel threatened or intimidated. Someone wants to compete and someone wants to compare and others would try to diminish and cover-up while others want to capture your success. In the mist of such adversity, you must sidestep the dangers they present and follow your own instincts. When others offer advice you listen, consider, and keep it in mind. However, ultimately you can only follow your own instincts.

Steve Jobs was right. You must never love anyone else's life but your own. You must fly on your own wings! Your wings were designed and customized for your success. However, you must decide to FLY!

Check out this outstanding book from TD Jakes called "Instinct" on the Best Seller list below.

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