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Welcome to the Jungle!

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Life is like a jungle. There are always predators in the wild. No matter how big their smiles and how flattering their speeches every jungle has its predators. Everyone has or had an agenda before you met them. It's not personal, it's their life. Some are explorers, some are gatekeepers, some are peacemakers, and some are guards. Some people will not like you because you are YOU. No need to take it personal.

As TD Jake's says, "Every job has its gang and gang leaders. It won't be typed on their ID badges as you meet them at the office potluck or spelled out on their name tags during the team-building exercise, so don't bother looking there. Nonetheless, tigers have their stripes and gang members have their colors, which may not be apparent to you at first glance."

Make sure when you embark on new terrain, don't be so quick to take sides or form alliances. Remember, you are like a soldier infiltrating from their shores. The battle was going on BEFORE you got there. Make sure you do your homework before you embrace someone else's battle plan.

Have a plan for your life and align with people who are marching toward the same goals and objectives that will help you plant your flag on the hill you are planning to conquer!.

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